The Fun Attractions and a Few Benefits of Life in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, a beautifully vibrant town located at the base of Florida, is known as a city of sunshine, seashore, and luxury. Living there means living among the most fun and attractions anywhere in Florida, but there’s still wiggle room for comfort because not many people view Cape Coral as a tourist town.

Homes for sale in Cape Coral range in price from a few hundred thousand dollars to upwards of four to five million or more. It depends on what kind of lavish, luxurious living experience you want, as well as how close you are to the water because waterfront properties are some of the top sellers.

The Fun of Cape Coral

The literal Cape Coral is a stretch of historic beaches with a pier that stretches for almost a mile. There’s a beautiful marina, complete with a clubhouse where visitors can play tennis and racquetball or go swimming in the giant pool. For water lovers, there’s plenty of fishing, boating, and toe-dipping fun to be had along the shorelines.

The Stats and Added Benefits of Becoming a Cape Coral Resident

In 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation ranked Cape Coral as one of the safest, friendliest places for children and families. The sense of luxury, comfort, and community is upheld by locals and visitors alike.

Homes for sale in Cape Coral

Ergo, one of the added benefits of living in Cape Coral is that you belong to a community. You are responsible for helping to keep that community safe. Other benefits include the proximity to the seaside, beautiful weather, and numerous fun activities to enjoy year-round.

Cape Coral has become a seaside city of comforts and luxury, one where everyone knows one another, but there’s still privacy to do and live as you please. Family-friendly? Absolutely! This is a city that values its wholesomeness, peacefulness, and natural beauty.